The Udderly Natural Difference

Whole, Raw Goat Milk

We use raw goat milk, whole and full fat with all its nutrients, straight from our herd of dairy goats as the base for most of our products including soap, lotion, and cream. For products that do not have a water phase we use whole goat milk powder. By using whole fat goat milk powder you get all the same benefits of whole goat milk even when there is no water phase. 

The fat content of the milk is critical as this is one of the most moisturizing components, and a key reason why goat milk is so beneficial in skin care products. Goat milk has a smaller fat globule particle size which makes it more absorbable by your skin. Goat milk is also naturally homogenized meaning that fat particles are evenly distributed throughout and do not separate or settle ensuring that every ounce of goat milk used in our product contains high quality nutrients. 

Percentage of Goat Milk Used

Goat milk is increasingly popular as a skincare ingredient because of its many benefits. However, it is important to look at where goat milk falls on the ingredient list. While that doesn’t tell you the actual percentage of goat milk used, if it doesn’t show up within the first 5-6 ingredients, chances are there is minimal goat milk used in the product. Goat milk is the first ingredient on our soap (33%), lotion (50%) and cream (54%).

No Synthetic Dyes or Fragrances

 We all deserve to use great-smelling, beautiful body products, including those of us with sensitive skin. We use a combination of naturally derived fragrance oils and essential oils to scent our products, and mica pigments to color them. Many commercial products use the very strong fragrance oils at near maximum levels in order to cover the chemical smell of the chemicals they use to create their product, and these oils are made from inferior ingredients and high levels of alcohols. This is why we use naturally derived alternatives at levels far below maximum to achieve a pleasant scent without the overwhelming allergy inducing fragrance often experienced in mass produced products. By using naturally derived fragrances you also have the added benefits of aromatherapy, and essential oils in many of our products. It is often these added benefits that we keep in mind when making our products ensuring that we are using ingredients with a purpose 

No Water

 Many commercial body products you can find at your local retailers have water listed as the first ingredient, meaning it likely contains between 70-95% water. While it might seem counterintuitive, water is actually drying to your skin. As it evaporates it removes the skins surface lipids, which are meant to aid in moisture retention, and the loss of them causes the skin to lose moisture. Also, the water is often just a filler ingredient, diluting the active ingredients in the product and forcing you to use more product to get the desired result. Our products contain no water, which is good for both your skin and your wallet!

No Alcohol

Some alcohols, not all, used in skincare products can be incredibly drying to skin and irritating to sensitive skin. 


Many of our products do not use preservatives as there is no water phase for bacteria to grow, However, when we do need to use preservative we us a naturally derived broad spectrum preservative at the lowest possible usage rates. We use either germall or optiphen depending on the product being made as the two options can be used at far lower rates (0.25%-0.5%) versus some of the other natural preservatives which need to be used at rates of 10-12% and often in combination with two or more preservatives at that rate in order to be effective. When possible, we use pure vitamin E (tocopherol) as an alternative to preservatives where a true preservative is not necessary but there is a possibility of water being introduced (such as in our whipped sugar scrub which could get water inside the jar during use). However, antioxidants such as vitamin E, and other alternatives such as citric acid, grapefruit seed extract, etc. are not always acceptable alternatives. This is especially important since we use goat milk and not water or alcohols since it would normally require refrigeration and have a very short shelf life without the preservative. Our ultimate goal is always producing a healthy and safe end product.